More C51 POWER and capability

Brief: The Franklin Software version 6 compiler, a part of the Release VIII software package, has many new features that translate directly into powerful benefits for the professional users. In addition to new and extended floating point capability, C51 permits simple selection between pointer types, and features simple new “click” settings that can set a number of conditions with a single simple button.

Applicability: All users who need the power (but not the hassle) of more capability and flexibility from their development tools. This is especially necessary today when time-to-market is the difference between getting the business or getting the ax!

Summary: The V6 compiler introduces many new directives into the users arsenal. For instance, the ability to be able to, “DEFINEJOKER”, permits the user to easily modify library values without the need to actually modify the library source code. By altering the value of a multiplier, it becomes simple to alter the basic functioning of a timer value.

Selecting a single directive like “AUTO” permits the user to easily set all functions to be reentrant, pointers to be generic, full ANSI compliance on, and so on.

Larger programs can have the location of their functional stacks altered for increased speed and decreased use of scarce data space resources.

Fully and completely designed for use under the various Windows operating systems, C51 is easily transported to related platforms with the certainty of all functional parameters are always carefully maintained. Never have to battle the 640K limitations of your older DOS based tools again!