Free Updates On-Line!

Brief: The Franklin Software Release VIII software package can be updated 24hrs. a day with all of the latest fixes and embellishments. There is no requirement to enroll in expensive and poorly managed “update services”. Nor is there any additional “fee” for this service.

Applicability: All Release VIII tools can be continuously updated without cost (other then your normal Internet connection charges) at any time. By simply jumping to the Updates page of our website, the user is able to download all relevant changes without the need to engage in dialog with Franklin Software.

Summary: One of the prime concerns voiced by our users over the years was the need to update their products in a timely manner, and their annoyance at the need to have to pay for these updates. To remedy this situation, we've made our updates available, without charge, to all licensed users.

To get the latest versions of all released tools, simply download and run the downloaded file. The installation program will step you through the process. The only permission needed is to enter your original installation ID (serial number) when it is requested by the installation driver.

The current updates are complete files and can be a bit cumbersome. In the near future, the installation program will be modified to deliver and install a “product patch” version of our tools. This will make the updates much smaller to download and handle.

Franklin Software markets their products around the world. Updates are available to all users regardless of their location.