Fully functioning evaluation software

Brief: The Franklin Software version 6 compiler, a part of the Release VIII software package, must be used and experienced to bring to light the full benefits of this powerful and performance oriented tool.

Applicability: Those users who place their time and schedule ahead of the more mundane aspects of finding and understanding a new tool set. If you have the natural need to, “test drive”, a product before committing time and resources to a purchase order, then you should get a copy of our Evaluation Kit.

Summary: An evaluation version of our Release VIII development tools are easily downloaded and installed. While a bit cumbersome, anyone with a moderately fast modem can have immediate access to our latest development tools.

The evaluation version of the latest Franklin Software tools is fully functional, and includes all of the interesting and informative examples described elsewhere in these pages. This permits the skeptical user to verify our claims, and see where “the other guys” have stretched or modified the truth.

Using the evaluation version, you can see for yourself how easy the tools are to use. How simple it is, with little more then 3 mouse clicks, you can translate, link, and run most examples on your own PC.

The evaluation tools are only limited as follows:

  1. The tools have a limit of being able to generate up to 4K of object code.

In many case—especially for students and hobbyists—these limits are more then what's needed for most uses. If that's indeed your case, then we wish you success and happiness with our tools. Enjoy them and use them with our sincere blessings!

We always want to know about bugs in our tools. If you find one—no matter how small—even in our evaluation tools, Email support@fsinc.com with your report. For obvious reasons, there is no product support with the evaluation tools.

Note: The evaluation tools will not always track the latest product releases exactly. If you have any questions about any changes from your evaluation version to the actual released version please send Email to fsinfo@fsinc.com for answers.