Fully Integrated tools are easier to use then command-line tools

Brief: The Franklin Software Release VIII software package, features a complete and fully featured Windows (3.1, Win95, & NT) implementation. This permits the greater capability of the Windows operating system to assist the tools in managing the display other system resources.

Applicability: All users who need the power and capabilities of the Windows operating system. Especially when working with extended and banked project memory requirements.

Summary: The Release VIII tool set was developed from the ground up to provide the user with a fully Windows oriented development and execution environment.

The main window is instantly familiar to any user of similar environments such as Borland's C++, and Microsoft's Visual Workbench. All functions are easily accomplished with a mouse or minimum keystrokes using standard Windows methodology. Hundreds of files can be opened and worked upon simultaneously. Other then practical limits and operating system constraints, there is no limit to file or project size.

Project management is done concurrently with the full power and scope of your Windows operating system. The project manager even follows include file threads for ease in finding and fixing those elusive bugs.

The configurable color syntax highlighted editor makes source file management simple and easy to do. Jump quickly to errors—across multiple files—as you work. Configurable options permit you to closely define all aspects of tool operation for your express needs.

Make those 640K DOS limits of other tools, a thing of the past!