Why pay extra to get a simulator/debugger?

Brief: The Franklin Software Release tool set based upon the version 6 compiler, version 4 assembler, and WinSim-51 debugger/simulator is a part of the Release VIII software package. Each package delivers a fully functioning debugger/simulator. No more having to pay extra for this necessary program.

Applicability: All users who need to be able to quickly test, debug, simulate, and evaluate their code without the hassle of having to deal with emulators or add-on boards will find the WinSim-51 debugger/simulator a necessary benefit.

Summary: Our latest Release VIII product offering includes a debugger/simulator in all product kits. To make things as simple and easy as possible for the embedded tools developer, Franklin Software pioneered the use of “kits” to deliver a suite of tools to the harried software developer.

Often as not, the programmer did not know what tools were needed to build a complete project. So in 1989 Franklin developed the concept of a “kit” that includes all of the tools and utilities needed to promote successful software development. We now offer the following “kits”:

  1. The A51 Assembler Kit. This compact starter kit is especially suited for the cost conscious user who is just beginning to deal with the 8051 architecture. New for 1996, the A51 kit includes: Our latest V4 Intel compliant macro assembler; a 32 megabyte code banking linker, our integrated library manager, ProView - our Windows® oriented (3.1, Win95, and NT) Integrated Development Environment pioneered by Franklin in 1991, with built-in project manager and multi-pane color syntax highlighting editor, ProDoc - our Windows oriented fully indexed and cross-referenced on-line documentation manager, and WinSim-51; our powerful new debugger/simulator.
  2. The C51 `C' Language Compiler Kit. This fully featured kit includes the entire A51 Assembler kit described above, and adds to it our powerful new V6 compiler with fully reentrant libraries. All smoothly and completely integrated into ProView.
  3. The PK51 Kit. This is our “flag ship” product. First introduced by Franklin Software in 1990, the PK51 kit adds 3 fully functional RTOS programs to the C51 kit described above. In one complete package you get everything listed on this page! Complete! Ready to solve all of your programming needs.

In addition, a host of other powerful WinSim features are ready to serve you and help you meet your most extreme development needs. In addition to being able to simulate most members of the 8051 microcontroller family, WinSim can simulate the Philips XA and the Intel 251. As it that weren't enough, WinSim and simulate all of these processor simultaneously, permitting concurrently executing tasks in several different processors to communicate with each other. It's suddenly become simple to simulate Bit-Bus and I2C processors while they are communicating with each other! An advanced trace system permits the user to easily find and fix those pesky bugs that often take the use of an expensive and complicated emulator.

The tools described above come in two versions, a 16-bit version with DOS companions to the Windows tools described above; and a more powerful and faster 32-bit version suited for today's newest operating systems and computers.


  1. The 16-bit tool set does NOT include DOS versions of; WinSim, ProView, and ProDoc.
  2. The 32-bit tool designed especially for Win95 (and up) and 486 and higher chip sets
    does NOT include the DOS based tools.