Never a Protection Device

Brief: The Franklin Software Release VIII software package, features a complete and fully featured Windows (3.1, Win95, & NT) implementation. Previous versions of some Franklin Software products required us to install execution protection at the direction of the original software vendor. This requirement is no longer in effect.

Applicability: All Release VIII tools function without the need for the old parallel port execution key (commonly referred to as a “dongle”). Unlike the demands posed upon us by our previous vendor, Franklin Software believes that our professional users will police their own software security.

Summary: Our license agreement with one of our former software products providers required us to install and manage a parallel port attached code execution key to some domestic users, and all international users. Since we now market essentially our own development tools, we are able to rescind this previously odious requirement.

Franklin Software markets their products around the world. All deliveries, to any destination, are now made free of the need for such protection.