ProView with ICE!

Over the years we've worked closely with many emulator vendors. About a year ago we began an intense program of closely integrating our tool set with an ICE unit. For this first issue, we chose a good friend and distributor: Raisonance. Those of you that already know of Raisonance, know that they produce and market a short but capable line of full featured real-time in-circuit emulators specifically dedicated to the 8051 family of microcontrollers. Their PCE-51 line of emulation devices is manufactured at their production facility in the beautiful hill country of Crolles, France. Raisonance tools are marketed across Europe focusing most heavily on the volatile French marketplace.

One of our European distributors first suggested this marriage. So, if you've been looking for a completely transparent emulator, that is smoothly and completely integrated into your development tool set, look no further! We've removed the "learning curve" between the development tools and the live in-circuit testing portion of your development project. If you've used our software tool set, and you find our WinSim-51 debugger/simulator to your liking, you'll love our newly minted ICE unit!

Are you:

Then we're certain that you'll find the Raisonance PCE-51 ICE unit-a perfect complement to our code packages-is complete, and simple to define and set up. If you can hook up a power cord and plug a cable into your serial port-you're ready to go! There's only one model, the PCE-51. It is complete and ready to go.

Here are just a few of it's many immediate benefits for your project:

To make this as simple as possible, we've made the price as attractive as possible. One model with all the features you usually have to pay extra for built-in, and one POD module for: $4999.00. And for an additional $1, we'll throw in one of our compiler development packages (CK51), a $1395.00 value.

The Emulator is delivered in it's own clean, padded, vacuum formed carry and storage case. The complete delivery includes: