Advanced Development System

Franklin Software:
The Leader in 8051 Development Tools

  • State-of-the-art integrated Windows 3.1, WIN95, and Windows NT compliant software tools
  • Comprehensive tool kits include debugger/simulator, project manager, & on-line help
  • Target specific ANSI C compilers for 8051 families assure optimized code
  • ProView embedded development manager provides smooth integration of all tools in kit
  • Standard WinSim high level debugger shares symbols with compiler & emulator
  • WinSim simulation for multi-processor systems, with support for all family variants peripherals and memory configurations
  • Integrated emulator support using WinSim as the emulator interface
  • Full support for popular emulators from Nohau, Metalink, Huntsville and others
  • Comprensive help documentation database with full text search, contents index and comprehensive code examples
  • Comprehensive support includes WWW site with free on-line updates, FAQs and code base
  • Specialists in 8051 software development
  • Complete deliveries for C or assembly language development on CD-ROM



Product Information:

For more than seven years, Franklin software has been the industry leader in the development, manufacture, and support of professional software development tools for the 8051 architectures. With the introduction in 1995 of the Advanced Development System (ADS), Franklin builds on its reputation for leadership, launching the industry’s first true fully Windows compliant tool suites developed specifically for these popular architectures. Franklin products are now available worldwide, including the United States, Europe, and the Far East.

All Franklin Tool Suites include ProView Integrated Windows embedded development environment, WinSim integrated debugger/simulator, with support for all family members including full peripherals and memory simulation, utility support functions, and of course, your choice of 8051 macro assembler, or compilers for the 8051 family. Each Kit is complete with the industry’s best linker/locator: the L51 Banking Linker with support for up to 8M Bytes of code.

The Franklin strategy has always been to listen to the user. Developers have told us they want an easy to use development environment that seamlessly integrates all of the tools necessary for developing embedded applications, compilers that provide highly optimized code, fast compiles, and full C libraries tailored to the applications of today, plus a built-in simulator/debugger that supports a real-time kernel and multi-processing with support for the 8051 family’s built-in peripherals and memory. The new ADS from Franklin provides all this and much more, with quality support available on the web.