C51 Optimizing C Compiler

C Language Compiler
Version 6

  • Processor specific optimized code for 8051 family
  • More stringent ANSI compliance with architectural specific extensions for fast, tight code production
  • Implements the IEEE 754 floating point standard, plus reverse IEEE 754, and full BCD with long, double, and long double
  • Full support for all 200+ derivatives of the 8051 family
  • Individually definable REENTRANT and INTERRUPT functions, and all standard string, math, and transcendental functions
  • Fully Microsoft Windows compliant and integrated with all other Franklin tools under ProView
  • Automatically passes symbol table, mnemonics, and stack information to WinSim for High Level language debugging and simulation
  • Delivery includes A51 Macro assembler, L51 Code Banking Linker, Lib51 Library Manager, plus PC-Lint and Sources for all library input, output, and startup routines
  • The A51 Macro Assembler is Intel ASM-51 code and Macro compatible. Output is Intel OMF-51 compliant
  • L51 Banking Linker supports up to 8M bytes of code space

Product Information:

In recent years, C compilers for 8 bit microcontrollers have improved in efficiency to the degree that for most applications, hand optimized assembly language code cannot improve on the compiled code or speed of execution. Version 6 of the Franklin C51 Compiler is a third generation compiler for embedded development. Utilizing the latest in compiler optimization and built on years of experience meeting embedded developer’s needs, Version 6 of the C51 Compiler produces highly optimized code and sets a new standard in ease of use and speed of development.

C51 Version 6 is fully compatible with earlier versions (V5 and down) of Franklin and Keil Compilers including commands, directives, and support for typical file naming conventions. Version 6 extends ANSI compatibility for portability to other architectures, while providing special directives and instructions to take advantage of the unique features of the 8051 family. User modifiable "include" files support the entire 8051 family of microcontrollers including the newest high performance versions from Siemens, Philips, Dallas, and others.

C51 is delivered as part of two deliveries from Franklin: the C51 Developer’s Kit and the PK-51 Professional Developer’s Kit. In addition the A51 Macro Assembler Kit is available separately for developers who elect to work solely in the MCS-51 assembly language. Each delivery sets new standards for ease of use, performance and support. Each Delivery is complete and ready to use.

Scope of Delivery:

A51 Macro Assembler Kit:

  • ProView embedded development manager

  • WinSim-51 Source Level Debugger/Simulator

  • ProDoc on-line documentation system

  • A51; Intel ASM-51 compliant 8051 macro assembler

  • L51 8MB code banking linker/locator

  • Lib51 library manager

  • OH51 Object to Intel 8-bit hex file converter

C51 C Language Compiler Kit:

  • Includes A51 Macro Assembler Kit above plus:

    C51 Compiler and all libraries and include files

    String Math and Transcendental library functions, and sources for input, output, & startup routines

PK51 Professional Developer’s Kit:

  • Includes all elements of A51 and C51 Kits plus:

    Three RTX Real Time Operating Systems

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