Integrated Development Environment

  • ProView API automates embedded project management and integrates all project files, resources, tasks, and tools

  • Windows, WIN95 and Windows NT compliant. Pull down menus and dialog boxes make work flow intuitive

  • All Release VIII tools are embedded into ProView:

    1. WinSim Debugger/Simulator
    2. Optimizing C Compiler
    3. Macro Assembler
    4. Code Banking Linker/Locator
    5. Library Manager
    6. Editor
    7. Project Management
    8. Three different RTX-51 Kernels
    9. Monitor and emulator interfaces

  • ProView and WinSim-51 are shipped as a standard part of all Franklin embedded development tool kit deliveries

  • Requires 386, 486, or Pentium PC with a minimum of 8M bytes of RAM, and Windows 3.1, WIN95, or Windows NT

Product Information:

ProView is completely new for 1996. Building on the successful experience of earlier versions, ProView version 2 is all new for 1996. Based on the Windows 95 API, ProView integrates all development embedded activities and resources within a unified Project structure.

ProView provides a common user interface, automatic project file management, and a consistent command set for all Franklin tools. Communication of project file and symbol information between project tasks and tools is automatic as the developer switches between editing code, compiling, assembling, linking, simulating, debugging, analyzing system performance, "Make"ing target code and emulating the target system.

ProView project manager and WinSim51 debugger/ simulator are standard with all Franklin deliveries including the A51 Assembler Kit, the C51 Developers, and the PK51 Professional Developer’s Kit.

ProView organizes 8051 development activities and resources around the concept of a "Project". A Project lists each source file, associated objects and loadable target files in a "Project" file. ProView tracks "include" files and automates the entire software production process, while providing transparent linkage and communications between tools and development tasks. Each modified file is automatically verified and either compiled or assembled as required, and re-linked into a new load module. ProView also supports Franklin’s Target Monitor and optional high speed ROM Emulator. This permits direct modification, translation, linking, and down-loading with optional execution of your code.

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