Real-Time Operating Systems

  • Real-time multitasking OS integrated with ProView, the C51 compiler, L51 linker, A51 assembler, and library sources

  • Dynamic memory management functions for effective use of CPU resources

  • Efficient task scheduling with round robin and pre-emptive task switching for up to 125 tasks at once

  • Up to 4 scheduled priorities work in parallel with interrupt functions

  • Use of advanced compiler features reduce code size and increase execution speed

  • Fully integrated into ADS under ProView

  • Three stage scaleable operating system to precisely fit your application needs

  • RTX-51 works in parallel with interrupt functions; supports SEND, RECEIVE, & WAIT for MESSAGE

  • Supports all 8051 derivatives

  • Full mailboxes and Semaphore support

  • Time-out, interval, signal, message, interrupt, and semaphore events supported

  • Fully Microsoft Windows compliant and integrated with all other Franklin tools under ProView

  • Automatically passes symbol table, mnemonics, and stack information to WinSim-51 for High Level language debugging and simulation

  • Delivery includes A51 Macro assembler, L51 Code Banking Linker, Lib51 Library Manager, and sources for all library input, output and startup routines

  • The A51 Macro Assembler is Intel ASM-51 code and Macro compatible. Output is Intel OMF-51 compliant

  • L51 Banking Linker supports up to 8M bytes of code space

Product Information:

RTX51 is redesigned for 1996 to provide more flexibility, tighter code, and faster execution. RTX51 is a powerful, dedicated real-time operating system (RTOS) executive designed specifically for the 8051 family of microcontrollers. Use of a system executive like RTX51 simplifies system design, software programming, and debugging of complex applications which require fast response to critical events. RTX51 is an efficient way to manage multiple jobs (tasks) on a single CPU. The new version has been further optimized for size and performance. Additionally, it is scaleable with three subsets, keyed for specific application types.

RTX51 is a full featured RTOS for the 8051 capable of both round robin and pre-emptive task switching. Designers can define up to 125 tasks with up to 40 active at any time. Up to four scheduling priorities can be assigned to operate in parallel with round-robin task scheduling.

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