• High-level source debugger with full 8051 family simulator, redesigned for Windows API, is integrated under ProView to ease program development.

  • WinSim displays compiler and assembler source and/or object code, with comments and Trace buffer.

  • View/Modify all CPU registers and memory areas, set and view watch variables. View I/O port status & data.

  • Source and Object Trace displays are linked and high-lighted during execution or single step for easy debugging.

  • High-speed Simulator supports 8051 variants including those with on-chip peripherals and provides access to all memory areas.

  • Extensive break-point, execute and trace capabilities with pull down menus and dialog boxes for easy control.

  • Included with all Franklin tools deliveries at no extra cost.

Product Information:

WinSim-51 is a source level debugger for Franklin’s C51 compiler and A51 assembler. WinSim-51 is both a powerful simulator and target debugger. Shipped as a standard part of every Franklin Compiler or Assembly delivery, WinSim-51 includes the debugger/simulator, a reconfigurable target monitor and popular emulators from Nohau, Hitex, Metalink, and others.

The Debugger facilities include comprehensive display options selected from the ProView API via Pull Down Menus, configured within dialog boxes. Options include Source and Object code with or without mnemonics, multiple break points, execution trace, single step, set Watch Windows, modify memory or register contents, and much more.

The target Monitor interface presents the same screen and much of the same capabilities as WinSim-51. But, instead of running the simulation engine, interfaces via the Host’s serial port to your target system Monitor or to an emulator from Nohau, Huntsville, or others.

The WinSim-51 Simulator simulates the complete 8051 including peripherals and memory. Changing processors or defining a new 8051 variant is achieved using a simple dialog box to select processor type, clock frequency, and other variables.

WinSim-51 also provides code-coverage and performance analysis for optimization of the target system, and identifying untested code.

Both trace and debug options support symbolic and high-level language references. Display options allow simultaneous trace of assembler and "C" language source code and object code, highlighting C and Assembly lines currently being executed.

WinSim-51 is included together with ProView and ProDoc with all Franklin Assembler or C-language deliveries.

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