Development Kits

The descriptions of the development kits on this page are for the 8051 family. When ordering, simply indicate the kit and target processor you desire.

AKxx: Assembler Kit

A51 is a fully Intel ASM-51 compliant macro assembler. A51 contains ProView (available in Windows® version only) our Integrated Production Environment, WinSIM (available in Windows® version only), and A51; our fully Intel directive and macro language compatible 8051 family MACRO ASSEMBLER. The AK51 kit also includes: L51; an 8Mbyte code banking linker/locator, Lib51; an object module librarian, and OH51; an object module to Intel Hex file converter. An Interface to an emulator and the MON-51 monitor is built into WinSIM.


CKxx: Compiler Kit

C51 is a High Performance ANSI compliant 'C' language COMPILER. C51 includes the entire A51 Macro Assembler kit described above. C51 has full IEEE 754 floating point (as found in C51 V4 and earlier) libraries, reverse IEEE 754 (as found in C51 V5), and full BCD math, doubles, long doubles, math and transcendental libraries. In addition, you get the sources to library functions such as startup and I/O routines. C51 supports all known 8051 variants including those with multiple data pointers, on-board arithmetic units, on-board RAM and ROM, and restricted instruction and address ranges.


PKxx: Professional Kit

Adds all three RTX Real Time Operating System models to the CK51 kit described above.


EVxx: Evaluation Kit

Unlike a “demo” which does not have functional tools, with the EV kit you'll be able to write, link, and burn into PROM fully functional programs for testing your software concepts and theories. You get everything listed above that's supposed to be in our C51 compiler kit, with the following limits!

  • The DOS versions of the tools are not included.
  • Final output programs are limited to 4Kbytes in overall size.
  • Documentation is limited to the built-in ProView help file.
  • Other then to report product bugs, technical support is not available with this special delivery.

This is an ideal kit for the student, hobbyist, novice, or just for the guy who only needs to make a small project! It is available only on CD-ROM (see price list for the listed price). While available from Franklin Software at the list price, it may be available through some of Franklin's major vendors (chip vendors, emulator vendors, and so on…) without cost. You might want to call and ask them.

This kit was originally created to enable an emulator vendor to provide fully functional high quality 8051 development tools with their products. We're pleased that it's been so well accepted and often requested. Enjoy!

SPECIAL NOTE!! The EV51 kit will be available from this website AT NO CHARGE for a limited time! Get it now!


Support/Warranty Information:

14 days of material support and 1 full year of product support are standard and included in the purchase price. All orders are encouraged to take advantage of our 30 day return guarantee. That means you can always try our products 100% risk free! Updates have always been available, without charge, from our website. All that's required is your valid installation ID, and you can get the latest versions without charge, 24hrs. a day, from anywhere in the world!

(NOTE: The 30 day return policy does not apply to the flexible payment term or lease purchases, any special offers or sale priced items that may be available from time-to-time, books, or multiple-user orders.)