EXPRESS Software

Software won’t fit? ROM suddenly too small? Can’t figure out how to make your software run as you’ve designed it rather then as you wrote it? Let Franklin Software put your development back on the fast track. Often we get calls from frustrated customers who really need to have from minor to major development work done on their projects.

This kind of work falls outside of normal product development channels. But to accommodate these special customer needs we’ve reinitiated two product development processes;


If your code compiles, and links, but it’s still too big to fit your application, or you just want to reduce the overall size of your program; take advantage of our "buck-a-byte" program. For one dollar per/byte we will take your program; apply our considerable expertise in the 8051 development arena, and reduce both your data and code requirements.

And best of all THERE’s NO RISK! If we can’t make your program better, there’s no charge! Ever!


If you’re behind schedule, can’t figure out how to handle your complex development project, or just need another pair of hands to help you beat a tight deadline then you should take immediate advantage of our "Specialist" program. We’ll look at anything you’ve got, and give you a timely report of what needs to be done—and how, what needs to be fixed—and how, or—if the projects small enough to get done in the initial period—we’ll just take care of it for you!

So rather then spending thousands of dollars on dubious consultants with shaky qualifications, get the best in the business, Franklin Software, Inc., on your side. Let us tackle your tough assignments, while you take a break.

We can either bill you in the normal manner via your companies standard PO process, or for the most immediate response, you can charge it to your credit card. The minimum rate is US$85/hr., four hour minimum. So for US$340 dollars you’ll get four full hours of the best minds in the industry on your side. If the task will exceed four hours we’ll be able to tell you that straight away, and subsequent rates can be negotiated depending upon the task and anticipated length to completion.


If your schedule requires that you have one or more persons that need to have an absolutely positive project start, then you should think about using our personal training capability. We will come to your site, and do training directly on your machines with your staff. We provide all materials, including software, handouts, and documentation.

Prices vary with travel requirements, and the size and expertise level of the target audience.

For further information on any software service, please contact or call 1-800-880-8051 to speak with an EXPRESS Software representative.